Reed in an interior

During 2000 the reed everywhere was used as a material for construction of bridges, dwellings, swimming means, house utensils and musical instruments.

The bamboo Krepkost in two and a half times is higher than durability of wood breed of an oak, and the most important that a reed completely ecologically a spotless natural material and not аллергент.

Naturalness, special warmth and elegance of a bamboo and products from it will give to your house the unusual atmosphere of comfort, harmony and rest.

Invoice inherent only in a reed, sketch and unique natural colors allow to create rather inimitable, original interiors in the most various styles.

It is quite easy to make the hands an exclusive interior.

Beechen halves and quarters fantastically are suitable for scenery of gleams of doors, in corners of walls and on a joint of wall-paper.

Pictures in a beechen frame are fantastically entered completely in though what interior, and the mirror in a bamboo will give to grace to a product.

Do not fear to play with flowers, paint a reed, залакируйте and the nezamudreny stick will play in brand new light.

Exotic reed – smart accent of landscaping.

In landscaping define a large quantity of options of use of that smart accent, as a reed.
These are growing walls and a background for landscape composition, beechen arbors, props for flowers, Magnificent beds, beechen fences …

Thanks to natural hydrofirmness of a bamboo it can be used and for external furnish of walls, also walls of bathrooms, saunas and rooms with pools.

About a jalousie:

Simplicity of a beechen jalousie made them the loved subject of an interior not only only in Europe.

The main advantage of beechen curtains – a jalousie is, by all means, that they are executed from a natural material. Therefore all most valuable characteristics with which the reed was awarded by the nature were embodied in a beechen jalousie:

• Magnificence of external shape.

• Practicality and stability to environment influence.

• Unique embodiment of simplicity and elegance.

• Durability.

Not including it, in the middle of advantages of a beechen jalousie it is possible to call their ease, convenience of operation.

Reed in an interior
Reed in an interior
Reed in an interior
Reed in an interior
Reed in an interior
Reed in an interior
Reed in an interior
Reed in an interior