Never-ending classics

In an extent of year during which we prepared – morally and veshchestvenno – for repair, there were never-ending fights. The reason it is ordinary: choice of style of an interior. I was unshakable in desire to make something "such" in east style, the spouse achieved a modernist style. … the classics finally overcame!

All it is clear that ворачиваться home it is more pleasant, if the body there amuses a myagenky sofa, and an eye – a measured interior. The classics with own reserved color palette, magnificent forms, a unique decor does not intrude upon leisure, and brings a pacification in the house atmosphere quicker.

It is possible to carry a stucco molding, columns, bas-reliefs, a list to the main elements of a traditional decor. But taking in attention that the interior of the apartment should will cause a stir from the museum interior, all traditional elements can be changed the least monumental design finds.
Never-ending classics

Zamesto of columns and a stucco molding can use different elements of a modelled decor from polyurethane: pilasters, caissons, eaves and moldings. Installation of such products it is not labor-consuming, becomes by means of watery tacks. For a complete look it is necessary to coat such elements of a hotimy color only.

One more reception for creation of a traditional interior is the art stained-glass window. Never-ending classics
Options of introduction of this product large quantity. It is possible to do in an insert wall in the form of windows of stained-glass windows, it is possible to fix a stained-glass window in a frame on a ceiling or to decorate with it interroom doors. It is necessary to see that a stained-glass window – pleasure not from cheap. Therefore as the candidate it is possible to use art glass. Never-ending classics

Rather disputable element for classics are glass blocks. And all therefore that glass blocks appeared is comparable not so long ago and are used often in interiors in modernist style style. But thanks to a wide choice of color and various invoices of a surface this type of a material is extensively applied and in traditional design. Glass blocks, freely passing light, absolutely are suitable for creation of interroom partitions, dressing of walls, a ceiling.
Never-ending classics

Generally, parts for creation of a traditional interior – in bulk. The main thing – to observe a measure in furnish. On another заместо unique refinement can manage silly pretentiousness.