Neoclassicism in interior design.

The neoclassicism is fascinating and unusual style of interior design which differs that in it details of traditional historical styles are underlined, but at all this has modern elements of technologies and materials.

Neoclassicism in interior design.

At first distinctive features take from styles: Renaissance, baroque, rococo, French and Gothic.

Neoclassicism in interior design.

What to make an interior in neoclassical style it would be necessary to own the huge size of rooms.

Neoclassicism in interior design.

Corners of walls, apertures of windows and doors contain in themselves construction details of the Roman, French and Gothic style, for example a large quantity of columns, a carved stone, lancet and semicircular arches.

Ceiling furnish quite often consists of a plaster stucco molding with mosaic gold or small plaster details in the form of a frame.

Neoclassicism in interior design.

In this style it is inherent rectangular shapes – that fascinatingly was reflected in furniture – as in a compartment with traditional style it caught excessive splendor and very strong curves.

Despite of that the form and furnish undertakes from classics, the property in turn is not emphasized, the luxury on ability is cleaned, in all details there is a restraint and simplicity.

For this purpose that the interior would be within quite good taste, it is necessary to adhere to proportions and it is good to use the sizes of a room.

On a floor it is better to lay out a parquet or a mosaic with a dark frame.

Materials which use neoclassicism for style creation: a stone, a fabric, a tree, the forged iron and gypsum cardboard.

That the interior would look uniform, it is necessary to adhere to one concept of historical styles, and it is not necessary to connect contradicting elements.

The color palette of neoclassicism is very vast, but contrast between light flowers of snow-white color for a background and dark flowers of coffee color just for decoration and a decor becomes the best option.

To itself that interior will be chosen by the person of art and the creativity, owning the inveterate taste which appreciates beauty and at all this aspires to comfort and cozy life, without losing harmony of boundaries traditions of a past and abilities of the real.