Mosaic in kitchen

As it is surprising, the mosaic in kitchen is used enough occasionally. And after all it is the good stuff, allowing to realize the most courageous build imaginations without harm for property of work. As it is clear, to pick up a small tile of various flowers it is rather problematic owing to what even a small difference in the sizes (calibre) can spoil external shape, it would seem faultless laying. With a mosaic of such troubles usually does not appear and it is possible to pack safely various styles and colors to please own imagination.

Therefore, when there was a discrepancy of a choice of a tile for "apron", I solved тормознуть specifically on a mosaic.

Work with a mosaic is rather ordinary and does not take a lot of time if the surface for laying is perfectly leveled. Any kinds of plaster, also gypsum cardboard perfectly are suitable for alignment. The main thing to hold in the head that the more exactly your walls, the will more accurately lay down on their mosaic and the work on its laying will be easier. Besides it is worth to remember that glue for a mosaic costs is perceived more expensively, than ordinary tiled glue therefore it is better to reduce its expense at the expense of alignment of walls by more cheap and materials more applicable for this purpose. If you plan to make composition of a mosaic of various color, I recommend to spread out for a start it on a floor to be convinced that the chosen combination is more acceptable to you and to make configurations in case of need. After all at all hunting to correct already ready work if suddenly something will not suit you.

Naturally it is necessary to use special glue for a mosaic. It is comfortable that is to a descent and a zatirka for seams.

So, the mosaic is chosen, walls are prepared, it is a high time to start laying. It will be necessary for you for mosaic laying a gear shpatel. With its help you will simply and moderately put glue on a wall. The size of cloves of a shpatel should depend on flatness of your walls – the more exactly a wall, the more small cloves. Further аккуратненько we put a mosaic tile to a place of drawing of glue. We level on a vertical and a horizontal by means of construction level, then we drive a mosaic into the corner the rubber roller and carefully by it it is rolled. It is better to have under a hand capacity with nezapyatanny water because you need to put povsevremenno in order the roller. After you will paste the 1st pair of tiles, it is necessary to be convinced again that they are not warped. Now it is possible to clean about their excess of glue and to continue laying.

To rub clean seams of a mosaic it is most ideal approximately in two hours after you laid it. Wait, while glue will a little harden is will help not to spoil already made work, but at the same time will release from difficulties of cleaning of absolutely dried up glue. Later even couple of hours, you can safely wash your mosaic nezapyatanny water and dry wipe a myagenky rag, to clean glue stains.

It is better to wait complete drying of glue before hanging cases and kitchen devices, then a mosaic will amuse you the look long and long years. I hope that this article will help you to solve the main difficulties connected with laying of a mosaic.

On a photo it is shown as below the mosaic to a zatirka of seams and looks after.

Mosaic in kitchen
Mosaic in kitchen