mosaic in an interior

mosaic in an interior
All hello. I made not so long ago repair. Here now I wish повытрепываться own refreshed kitchen. It is fine, whether not so? Direct attention to a panel from a mosaic over a sink. It is a subject of my special pride. Why? Yes therefore that I made it, the handles. It is pleasant? Well, I will tell you in confidence as I made it. To a descent I wish to warn, this work quite difficult and careful. So if you will be intrigued by my article, and you decide to make something similar, be reserved patience.mosaic in an interior
It to you oh how to be useful. But it that costs. The result will not disappoint you, I guarantee. So, we will begin. For performance of this panel I used the subsequent materials: a papier-mache, a foil, a multi-colored mirror mosaic, special nippers for a mosaic, a dim contour on glass, tweezers, glue, a vitrazhny film on gluing together to base. At first I invented a sketch of the future panel. There were here such remarkable florets. To introduce in a sketch a little lives, I added a butterfly. mosaic in an interior
There was rather lovely composition. I transferred this sketch on a dense sheet A3, led round drawing contours a thick black marker. Put on it a vitrazhny film, the same format, a sheeting up further. From 4 parties аккуратненько unbent corners of a layer of protection and connected paper and a vitrazhny film a stapler. Then absolutely removed a protection layer with base gluing together. Thanks to that a vitrazhny film transparent, my sketch was perfectly looked through through it. The base was ready, it was possible to start to work. At first I was going to make the biggest flower. mosaic in an interior
Spread it tweezers, laboriously pressing each element of a mosaic to gluing together to base. Moved from the flower center to petals. First laid out a bud core a yellowish mosaic, led round it thin strips of light and dark orange color and violet color later. It allowed to give to a flower volume. On the same method I laid out other florets on a panel. When florets were ready, I started a butterfly. Started to do it from the head, made a trunk, short moustaches and only later multi-colored wings later. mosaic in an interior
Well here, the most difficult and careful work already was behind. I a little took breath. I needed to make only trunks and leaves. It was easy. At first I laid out from thin strips of dark color of a pro-vein of leaves, and then filled turned-out "skeleton" with a mosaic of green and turquoise color. Well here, the sketch was finished. It was necessary to make a frame for a panel. I made it of chip halves.mosaic in an interior
Spread from corners to the middle of each of the parties that the sketch left rovnenky. You see work was almost complete. I needed to fill a background only. It is necessary to tell that this step to me attracted more only. To you it is curious why? Yes therefore that on my eyes separate elements of a mosaic united in a whole and the picture practically revived. The equipment of laying of a background, is quite ordinary. I laid out it horizontal lines. mosaic in an interior
The first laid out from the top left corner at first the whole chips, after their halves. As a result there was a typical wave. And so up to the end. Well, here actually and all. The panel is ready. It can be strengthened on a wall as it was made by me, or to decorate with it though what other subject of an interior. To solve to you. Work difficult and careful, but a result of that costs.