Molding of rosettes

Molding of rosettes.

Continuing a molding subject, would wish to tell you about such type of a stucco molding as a molding of rosettes. On object, with a picture entered in an arch, we did ornamental scenery of the central part of plafonds that is called – rosettes. Also rosettes are created for masking of hooks of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures. There are many versions of the rosettes differing on compositions of drawing and a form of an external outline that is in dependence from the sizes and the room area. For square rooms use round rosettes, and for oblong halls – a roundish or rhombic form. The relief of a rosette and expressiveness depend on room height. Any rosette has smooth increase of a relief to the middle, i.e. to a hook which closes its core, a relief bud. Let’s make out process of our work on manufacturing of a round rosette for a hall. Molding of rosettes
photo 1. A square room – the round decision. First according to a cut of a rosette made a wood template, leaving places for an ornament and порезок. Prepared a wood board at a rate of a rosette half later, hammered into it an axial nail, established a template and stretched from plaster the basis of the rosette equal to a semi-circle. Then cut out a template on a full profile of a rosette (except a frieze) and stretched them from clay on the left places profiles of the central socket and порезок after that started a molding of one of cyclic parts of the central socket, порезок and a frieze, applying receptions already known to us. For earlier it is necessary to make exact breakdown of a semi-circle of a rosette on a part for each ornament separately. Having finished an ornament molding, in the clay, the molded parts form, cast from plaster, clean stock and again form in an elastic form, casting from plaster the number of copies necessary for assembly. The cast parts fix on the plaster basis, do a soil erasure in junctions of parts and subjects finish rosette model.Molding of rosettes
photo 2. The rosette small, gave a hall ancient tranquility. The pulling of the plaster basis and clay drafts of roundish rosettes becomes by means of the crosspiece which has been specially made for this purpose. The basis of rhombic rosettes do of the direct drafts extended on a workbench. Still there is a version of rosettes – kessonny sockets. Such sockets usually represent the dismissed flower (a lily, a camomile etc.). But I will tell about it to you in the subsequent article. Working with a ceiling, we met certain difficulties. I speak about up lifted head, but the acquired result, allowed us to forget everything and gave possibility to take pleasure from pleasure the beauty made by the hands.