Mirrors in a bathroom

I note that soon more and more popular there is an ornament of rooms by means of mirrors. Perhaps, it is any composition executed from separate, small parts. And, maybe, it is glass installation on all wall.

Mirror ceilings use special popularity. People who have a desire supported with means, very intensively establish for themselves houses such beauty. Till nedavneshny time it was possible to meet mirror ceilings of a wall only in living rooms: whether it be drawing room or bedroom. But design decisions in recent years cardinally exchanged. And certain things became in a novelty.

Already it is possible to meet kitchen or a corridor in apartments which are issued by a mirror. However, if it is honest, I do not see in it special sense. After all in a corridor and in kitchen people do not carry out time large quantity.

Mirrors in a bathroom

Mirror on all wall directly near a bathroom

If in the apartment the next room in what very many it would be desirable to establish mirrors is a bathroom. Specifically in this case, when the bathroom is separate. But, all people here усвоют abracadabra of this act. The bathroom is a place of a huge congestion of steam. Therefore during bathing all mirrors will be covered with moisture and, obviously, will stop to do the concrete function.

It is compelled to announce that all this truly so. But, it is possible to correct it. Somehow, very long time ago I watched on a TV set transmission «That? Where? When?». At present I any more do not remember, who specifically played from experts. And subjects I do not remember more, who specifically played from televiewers. But perfectly remembered a question.

One lady asked. For what her spouse, at which very small hairstyle, a beret with itself in a bathroom after bathing the hair dryer? As I remember, though I can and be mistaken, experts then did not master a task. And the answer was simple: to clear a mirror of water.

Here it, a missing element which will allow to solve dely a misting-over mirror! Stream of warm air! Specifically he allows to get rid of excessive water. By itself that the hair dryer to dry all mirror walls or a ceiling will be nobody. And here to design a design which would inflate on the mirror area warm air more simply than the usual. I consider as better option installation of several sources from the various parties.

That from the esthetic point of view it was fine, I advise to hide these sources under a mirror frame of the respective sizes.