Mirror with diamond effect

Each designer contemplates quite often that is ordinary for us, absolutely under another aspect sight. For example, it is necessary to direct attention to this unusual mirror. Star mirror …
This fascinating subject is created by the known designer who began the activity by the joiner: projected and made furniture. And in 2005, because of demand for the works, proved design studio, and already few years practises on development of a wide range of subjects which differ functionality, a playful esthetics and natural elegance.
Mirror with diamond effect
Its amazing mirror is built such the makary: on the center the ordinary mirror of the approximated form takes place. 750 mirror fragments depart from it – calculated and turned so to refract the direction of light and to transfer to an eye at the appeal to a mirror sparkling reflection.
This unique subject gives illusion of bright color and shine of all surrounding subjects which get to a mirror, creating change of focus in a room. In a word, in base of act of this mirror «the diamond principle» – детермината, calculated lies on sparkling and breaking light. Through configurations of flowers of a rainbow the light is transferred visual. It will allow to create to you the world not everyday, usual and grayish, and absolutely another: brilliant and fine.
The mirror with effect of diamond has a diameter of 110 cm at depth 9 see. Its weight of 40 kg. Mirror with diamond effect