Mirror decor

Now the question of scenery of walls elements of mirrors is very burning. Different geometrical figures, sometimes, not having even a certain title and on anything not similar, give all the best on walls in a certain sort compositions.

If it is honest, I poorly represent advantage of these ornaments. Roughly speaking, these are the small mirrors laid randomly. They cannot show at physical level in themselves a certain object completely at all. That forces people to do such decors – for me a riddle. But, nevertheless, the fact remains, in their popularity it is not necessary to hesitate. Here all only do somehow unskillfullly.

I met different technologies of creation of this room decor. And the most vserasprostranenny is placement of mirror parts specifically on a wall which has already final furnish.

Mirror decor

Perhaps, I also am mistaken, but at me, on the last measure, such there was a reminiscence. On the one hand it is possible to realize people who gave preference of specifically that technology. As they say, it is prompt and without any troubles. But it is necessary after all to consider the risk reasons that this way does not foresee.

I speak about risk to spoil this most final covering. Not without reason after all furnish of walls do during the most last moment. After the ceiling and even a floor will be ready.

As to me all began to apply, issue a wall mirror elements more often, I invented quite usual, but during too time an effective method.

So, everything that will be necessary for you for realization of my idea it is a slice of gypsum cardboard and two types of glue. What it is concrete – I will explain is sensitive later. And, of course, mirror elements will be very necessary. On another without them in any way.

So here. Gypsum cardboard undertakes and on it by means of 1 of the prepared glues paste pieces of mirrors, creating the necessary picture. Regardless of what area that decor occupies, I advise to use an integral leaf of gypsum cardboard. Exceptions make those cases when the area surpasses the greatest size of gypsum cardboard. But such happens occasionally.

When glue is put, by means of the second, earlier prepared, glue, gypsum cardboard is pasted to a wall. Now it is possible to plaster, put whitewashing and final furnish. Naturally, mirrors can soil, but it is reparable.

Advantages of that method явны. Damage of final furnish is excluded. And if you commit a mistake, repair will hide it.

As to a plaster coat and the rest, a request not to consult – for it does not belong to my specialty.