Michurina from design

Michurina from design
Good news to those who cannot повытрепываться a hall of the huge size! As a rule it becomes discrepancy: to be developed not where, not that what to arrange a mirror to the utmost, hangers and padded stools everyone there.

The Cole company made the unusual piece of furniture, absolutely suitable is concrete for small halls. But «Secreto Mirror» can be pleasant and to people with sense of humour as it is possible to consider this unusual model as a successful design joke, at all this Michurina from design
completely multipurpose.

«Secreto Mirror» represents an inquisitive hybrid of the highest mirror, a chair and a hanger. Without philosophizing artfully, designers "stuck" soft sitting with the bent legs in style of a retro directly to a mirror.

Then a little thought and ended composition the moderate hanger attached to it. Well, in functionality of a mirror and a chair it is difficult to hesitate, and here the hanger will be suitable unless for a ladies’ handbag or a lung шарфика. And on that thanks.