Magic glass

Magic glass
It is possible to issue the dwelling in that style which to you is more on temper, it is possible to use the most different types of furnish and to acquire the most pretentious furniture which is absolutely answering to your tastes. But it is worth to remember and about mirrors suitable to design.

Truly, mirrors surround us everywhere – in a bedroom, in a bathroom, in a hall. And now to pick up the elegant reflecting glass, capable to be entered in the interior chosen by you, absolutely easy. For example, fans of stories about Alice or simply fans of all unusual should estimate mirrors to the utmost from the designer Rhone Gilad. These models are issued such makary that with them the World behind the looking-glass will seem to the very real – after all from time to time quite easily to raiseMagic glass
заавесь a little.
Magic glass

If to you on temper multipurpose and ordinary things, send attention to an original mirror of "Check" from Veronique Maire. These small mirrors of the approximated form are created for a hall where they with furor will play a role… hangers. Yes, specifically so – in them it is possible not only to be looked only to an exit from the house and to hang up from above a scarf or a handbag – it is comfortable.

Those who prefers luxury of classics in a compartment with unique interior decisions, should get accustomed to «Reflect Mirror» from the Goody Gramm company. These models differ a small bend, on it mirrors it is possible to arrange on a joint of 2 walls or Magic glass
to use an acting part as a shelf.

For people with sense of humour there are many ridiculous mirrors. For example, reflecting surfaces from an acrylic plate (the unbreakable!) can be decorated with ridiculous stickers because of which on your reflection moustaches or horns "will grow"… And it is possible to choose option with an unusual form – acrylic mirrors in the form of animals, florets or blots will perfectly look not only only in a nursery!