Registration of windows

Registration of windows
Registration of windows – a problem difficult, the "true" design is capable to connect an interior in a whole while incorrect registration will spoil all room.

Making out ok on essentially not to forget that the window – a light source, except, is over by that cases when tastes of owners in registration of an interior differ from accepted and the problem costs in elimination of light sources.

At registration are in most cases used: Japanese curtains, rafshtor, cotton velvet, Roman curtains and rolled curtains. The most vserasprostranenny options – cotton velvet – elegant and stylish, for a hall or a bedroom, and the Roman curtains, hang up them in the main thing in kitchen, they are fixed by a clip and keep over a window, the provision of curtains can be changed by means of a cord.

Registration of windows
The Roman curtains something remind a jalousie. Their look is elegant and new. And here with installation there can be difficulties. The basis of "plate" of the Roman curtains can be broken simply.

By means of rolled curtains you can regulate light quantity, the external shape of such curtains is fashionable and elegant

Curtains on outsets люверсах – popular option for a prestigious interior. That option looks very much fashionably and absolutely is suitable for modern design.

At a choice of curtains for kitchen quite often choose country style – the picturesque curtains closing windows to the middle.

Fabric choice.

Registration of windows
At a fabric choice for curtains there are certain rules. The invoice – on the first place, them it is necessary to select a sketch and color under the general style of a room. For black rooms it is better to choose a fabric of a warm color, for solar – cool tone. The chosen fabric should not run counter to a decor of a floor, walls and furniture.

If you cannot choose a fabric – prefer faded monophonic fabrics. They it is easier than others are in harmony with a room situation, for them it is simpler to choose color a combination, a cut and the fabric invoice. If you ventured fabrics with drawing, own choice should be based on drawings which already are in an interior – on carpets, to a furniture upholstery, in a decor.

The invoice and color combination in window curtains unessentially should be in harmony with a surrounding interior, the most courageous and noteworthy decisions just are based on contrasts of color and a fabric.