List according to the invoice

Zdrastis. I wish to share one of options of design, updating or scenery of walls. And concretely list of it. I just have an example of the process.
I it is long not it could to be caused with registration of a prikrovatny niche in a bedroom, considering options with the Venetian, with expensive wall-paper, with ready frescos etc. But so to anything did not come yet did not strike thought to invite the familiar artist and to test to transfer on a wall, the image which has pleasant to me.
But I would not like to paint simply smooth wall, and here to me one more idea came to the head. Because I am engaged in decorative coverings, I thought that it is possible to make a surface of a wall impressive and later already to put the image. It is thought up-is made.
Work began intensively. First I prepared a wall surface it it is easy. Because a covering impressive a wall not by all means to prepare in a standard, there is enough отшпаклевать and погрунтовать. The subsequent step is a drawing of base (substrate). It is put with the roller because has a consistence of ordinary paint, but contains quartz sand which does a surface of base rough. It very essentially therefore that impressive plaster, usually, is put with rather thick layer, and the rough surface of a wall provides the best hitch of a material with a surface. After drying of base (about put) started drawing of the material. In this case I took a material of San Marco plant (Italy) under Marmo antico title (the ancient, made old marble). This material with a trowel in two layers is put, after that for reduction of hygroscopicity becomes covered by soil (it on request of the artist) To chagrin, at present is not present ability to give to a photo with invoice drawing but if you this process interests, I separately and carefully it I will depict.
Well and we will at present pass to the list. The wall with the invoice is ready. Now business in the artist. I naturally asked It permissions to write about process it работы?. Here, as they say you will not write much. First the painter (his name is Alexey) отрисовал all in a pencil, on it left 2 days. Started background filling later, and registered small details in the general difficulty for all work later (with invoice drawing) we spent week, but the pleasure at us sufficed on all relatives and relatives. The result attracted everything who contemplated it.
List according to the invoice
List according to the invoice
List according to the invoice
Now I offer this option of design of walls also to another. As option advantageous at least on the 3rd positions:
1) the invoice under the natural made old stone.
2) The hand of the artist is live
3) choice possibility though what image, in any style.

If YOU have questions – will answer all