Light plus tree it is equal… screen!

Light plus tree it is equal... screen!
There is a large quantity of methods to make own interior personal. And irrespective of the fact which in housing registration you will prefer style – strict classics, a plastic modernist style, zadoristy a country or a multipurpose miniatyurizm – natural materials and richness of natural light become the best ornaments of your apartment.

In particular it becomes perceptible when speech enters about such decorative and at once the necessary bagatelles as screens. Similar products simply неподменны in huge rooms or the apartments organized on type лофта – with a uniform place, the highest ceilings and big windows. They will promote to zone the dwelling, without limiting freedom and without creating obstacles for light. To embody idea of a translucent screen it is possible differently, for example, using an easy fabric or translucent glass. But any materialLight plus tree it is equal... screen!
will not look so naturally and comfortably, as a natural tree.

The amazing screen was made by the designer of Luis Eslava specially for «LZF» brand which card are the things made of a narrow bent tree. The brand new model did not become an exception, after all the partition role is played here by intricately bent wood "tapes" fixed on an easy framework. Such thing itself on for itself becomes an interior ornament, rejecting on a floor fine shadows and creating feeling of a privacy at full transparency.