At carrying out repair we pay huge attention as to furnish, and a choice of different accessories for the house. But here that moderate subject as the hanger for clothes usually remains in the shadow.

The design studio "Palette Industries" tried to correct a situation, having developed very unusual model of a hanger under «Nanton Coat Rack» title. LEPOVESHALKA

As inspiration for designers served… support for an electricity transmission strip. Yes, the novelty very much remembers the most real tower of LEP, is exclusive in a miniature.

Naturally, beauty of towers is unclear, but here as an unusual subject of an interior of "Nanton Coat Rack" should be in great demand, in particular in the middle of judges of the urbanized design.

The similar model will well look both in a modern hall, and in an office of any big company. And what? Fashionably and with humour.