Interior for travelers. In a past

Interior for travelers. In a past
Interiors in style a vintage become very popular. It is logical, after all they help us to plunge absolutely into the atmosphere last, distant or close because the main rule here is introduction of furniture and the accessories which were more corresponding for that or other era.

But if you feel that cannot issue without the aid of others the dwelling in vintage spirit, trust in designers. The it is more that certain companies at present let out the whole collections of the vintage products, capable to create the real and very elegant interior. So, the studio of design «Restoration Hardware» (England) represents a novelty – very unusual Interior for travelers. In a past
line of furniture for a bedroom and «Richard’s Trunks» office. Singularity consists that many subjects were made of the starenky ship boards which were earlier on a vessel, belonging to the traveler Tom Richards, whose name, actually, and gave the title of this collection.

Except the old wood breed which has received real second life, when manufacturing beds, sofas, racks, tables and chests Interior for travelers. In a past
исвоспользовались skin and the patinated metal. Not including that, here you find also mass of unique accessories – lighting devices, wall cards, hourglasses and god knows that else! That unique and original interior not only only looks very much impressively – in an environment of this furniture besides comfortably to live, after all it is executed in coordination with modern requirements and is ergonomic and multipurpose. And even if you will not risk absolutely to issue a room in similar style, pairs of details will be enough to feel the magic atmosphere of voyages.