Izgotovka of decorative parts 1.

There is an unlimited quantity quantity of usual and available materials – by means of which it is possible to make fine works of art and scenery for an interior, in this article I will tell you about plaster products.

Application of plaster is very extensively applied in construction, such products as гипсобетон and gypsum cardboard are already known for everything, but having created a product the hands from plaster you will betray to it the real form and value, it simply gives in to processing and is available completely to each person.

Izgotovka of decorative parts 1.
One of beautiful applications to it in interior design is an izgotovka of baguettes and a stucco molding, absolutely having a little tinkered with plaster you will feel its appeasable structure and can make them the hands excitedly.

For this purpose that – each element of your personal baguette would be similar to others – it is necessary to make a template – a form of plaster for the plaster casting, for this purpose you should make the 1st element most, and for this purpose plaster mix with water, achieve a mix as at dough, further wait while superfluous moisture will leave and plaster becomes as plasticine, for convenience betray to it a form of a briquette and by means of ordinary tools from a manikyurny set finish to a final look.

Izgotovka of decorative parts 1.
Wait complete drying and varnish a product is ours a flare, by means of it we will make a plaster mold for casting, in a rectangular box without holes and cracks, for earlier walls having oiled or solidoly – put our baguette, having attached its such makary that the box would be higher, and the baguette did not concern a bottom and walls and fill in with substance from the concentrated plaster, after drying a form аккуратненько saw повдоль a baguette on two parts, parts of a baguette to us are not so necessary, internal surfaces of a form varnish – that products would be possible simply to take and as do a flute for filling of plaster and all the form is ready.

Such method can be made different masks or figures, figurines and simply toys, after them it is possible to paint and залакировать, for design you will be limited by only your imagination and experience, experiment this material, everything will turn out only at that who tries.