Rolled curtains and plastic windows

Understand, for what I appreciate rolled curtains? That they do not dangle, neither as ordinary, nor as a jalousie. How, on my view, should occur faultless installation of rolled curtains?

In the highest part of a window the curtain is established specifically. All its mechanisms of a continence, fastening. If it is necessary a box that did not become dusty. And straight down from a box to a window приверчены the directing. And it is concrete between them a curtain and makes movement. Such makary, it can be fixed on though to what height and know that it does not deliver troubles. It I consider only correct a method of installation of rolled curtains.

And that after all it was possible to create work of figures when on a window the drum on which the curtain is reeled up is simply fastened. And less that. Any fixings, any holders. And than it differs from the ordinary? What is taken up? Naturally, there are people who like that method of installation. But I do not encourage it.

Rolled curtains and plastic windows

Incorrect fastening, curtain dangles later

Certainly, it is not heavy to guess that that installation is probable only in that case, when a frame wood. Naturally, I contemplated cases when the reason sufficed to bore through plastic windows, but it is absolute nonsense. In this regard, there is a question. How to establish rolled curtains on plastic windows.

Here I also wish to share it in this note.

We do a box in which the rolled curtain will be hidden. The box is necessary by all means. The drum here will not pass. And the box for this purpose that to it to attach the directing is necessary. Specifically to a box, instead of to a window.

The box at the top of a slope closer to a window will fasten. The compartment which the curtain leaves, looks towards a window. Before installation the box needs to be overturned up feet. And here the directing should be bent at right angle. Very essentially truly to adjust the sizes. That when you fasten them to a box, they very much tightly nestled on a window frame.

Here still that. About shutters which open. I recommend to make any latches for the directing. For you every time will not turn off and fasten them to a box. It is not comfortable.

Directing most ideally to do of metal that were not bent. At least same aluminum. Inside to put a rubber layer. Here is how and all. The main aspects told.