Jellyfishes in a bathroom

To excellent promptly you get used. There is such saying and it is the truth. Remember, what in your life was quite good? For example, whether you had a rest on the sea? Whether went by the smart car? Or that-nibudt else? In a word, the person, having tried out that is pleasant to it, it does not wish to be released from it. Though, so it happens that is necessary. From the sea it is necessary to leave, and the leased car – to hand over back. Etc.

However, people are beings not predicted. That to one it is excellent, to another it is bad. And here you will not guess. For example, somehow with the company we went by the sea to have a rest. And in that gulf where we bathed, there were very many jellyfishes. To me they inconveniences did not deliver. And here one woman from our company feared them terribly. Though they absolutely safe were.

And here one my client to whom I few years back laid a water supply system in the house, simply liked to bathe in the middle of jellyfishes. As it described feelings from a touch of a body of a jellyfish to his skin, already most it would be desirable to test all this, his words were so picturesque.

Jellyfishes in a bathroom

just pictire

Here actually this client also set to me a task. I wish, says, jellyfishes in a bathroom. I already прибалдел, diligent word. And how I realize them? But, owner barin. It is necessary to do something. Began to think.

However, a bathroom it was difficult to call it. Specially for this purpose, to have the same feelings, as on the sea, I suggested it to make except a usual bath still something like the small pool. If read my publications, should hold in the head that I there wrote.

Remember, a shower in a bathroom? With a floor of the overestimated waterproofing. Well here and a bath from the same series. With that only distinction that is more in respect of the sizes. Well so here. All this hogwash. The most fascinating jellyfishes.

Specifically their customer without the aid of others ordered. I any more do not know, where it there took them that for a material for production was used. But very naturally left. It is natural, when they dry – you do not feel. And here it is necessary to moisten with water, completely probably.

It is obvious, simple to outline them in a bathroom – it did not arrange. Then I invented. And invented the subsequent. Under the bottom of so called bath though would be more true – the small pool, I established mechanisms which would make taking-up and rope unwinding. And them in turn просиликонил that protection was from water.

At each string – the length. Also it was necessary to press the button, having unwound strings as jellyfishes filled all bathroom.