Japanese curtains – we dream!

This method of design of windows is called so as a product this very easy, as well as is necessary in Japanese culture. These curtains usually look lungs and are quite comfortable in use. Their 2nd title – "panel" curtains. Them use not only only as an ornament of windows and means for protection against the sun. As well as it is necessary though to what element of design, the country of the Rising sun was whose inspirer is a product is inclined to minimalism, but differs unique taste. This product is required and as a partition indoors. Also they can be hung out in a doorway, after all they air a room much easier than a door. In application of these curtains there are certain aspects.
For example, them do not advise to hang up on small and tiny windows. In such use of Japanese curtains there is no sense. The Japanese curtain is the strips of a woven cloth connected between some. They could be compared with a jalousie, if less wide strips. They hang down exactly повдоль windows as are equipped with the special cargo placed low of plates. Plates can be made several methods. In other words, they are unessential for smoothing on a lineechka. It is possible to "pull" one plate over another. The standard size of a curtain – from 3 to 6 strips. The most longish curtain can reach 6 meters. On a photo it is given an example longish curtains.Japanese curtains - we dream!
It is recommended to receive curtains from a natural material – curtains of wood weaving, лён or jute. They do the atmosphere of ease, naturalness. But for these curtains use also a synthetic fabric. This fabric looks very much fashionably and care of it is simple. Though usually everything that is necessary to clean Japanese curtains – it is not necessary special efforts. Curtains simply act in film and go to washing. Not including that, curtains from synthetics serve longer, and it is big plus for the buyer. On the subsequent a photo – effective curtains from a moderate material. Japanese curtains - we dream!

Designers long since thought that registration of Japanese curtains knows no limit. Panels can be made different methods, to diversify colors. And still it is possible to combine panels of various thickness (fabric density). It is so possible to play with light getting into a room. Application of Japanese curtains does not mean refusal of ordinary curtains. It will make design brighter. But leaving will be respectively more difficult. Also introduction tulle creates making heavier effect. It can reduce visual volume of a room considerably. In other words in small to a room the moderate curtain will be much better to look. And if the density of a fabric is small, curtains will pass more light. It is possible to choose curtains with an ornament and with different drawing. Pictures happen the most different, as well as it is necessary to a woven material. Though usual Japanese style keeps natural pastel tones.

Panels fasten to a wall or to a ceiling by means of special eaves. Eaves multilayer therefore panels can "go for a drive" a chain. The design of eaves is in dependence from an approach of the producer. For standard function enough 2 directing, but them can 5, 7 and more. "Go" curtains also can in the various parties. Also they can be moved apart, as standard curtains. It is dependent on quantity of "paths" of the panel can even to gather a chain. If curtains do not open – it is possible to order the fixed option, without a cord, with densely fixed panels. Panels are attached to directing by means of a sticky tape. They are simple for changing.

Modern producers of Japanese curtains offer an izgotovka them to order. Quite often the companies work only with orders, after all to guess the size of an aperture is unreal. Besides, thanks to the order it is possible to make unique design of curtains. This service is developed so that any more is not remote. On the contrary, installation of a Japanese curtain is absolutely inexpensive. Besides, in climate of our country there are features therefore the special approach is simply necessary.