Izgotovka of decorative parts 2.

Having moved in the small town we absolutely forgot about a universal material from покон centuries, in this article I will tell about clay and products from it.

To work with it it is not so difficult and pleasant, almost all is in dependence from the imagination, but nevertheless at desire it is possible to make exclusive things for your interior, to get clay it is possible as in construction shop and having extracted most – who has those an earth site can to dig out not limited quantity – having gone deep into the earth approximately on meter (depth is in dependence from the top lush layer).

After the legend with it conditions at which with it it is possible to work – moisten hands (so clay gives in to processing easier) and reflect – that you wish to make, options the sea – I made door handles, lighting devices, masks if you the painter – that to you cannot be made a panel.

On a photo my mask from clay is represented, I made it having betrayed at first a rectangular shape and having evenly cut out a knife finished it to that look.

After preparation from clay – should dry.

It is not necessary technical roasting for products from clay for apartment or house dressing though it is natural if you have such possibility – use it, I simply put it in an ordinary oven at temperature of 300 degrees for an hour, after a look was a little terrible therefore I covered it with snow-white water color paint – as soil painted properly later and varnished. (the basic moment – if in clay will be air – in an oven it will burst or взорвётся therefore at first at a zameshivaniye be attentive)

Izgotovka of decorative parts 2.
As I a little was fond of clay floristics, in general is a creation of flowers and flower compositions from clay – and is concrete from a kaolin (a type of snow-white clay), a kaolin use only because of that that it snow-white and it is simple to it to betray though what color. It is glad to give more photo but as annoyingly it would not sound I only started to be engaged and other works to me to show shamefully. Roasting for this ceramics do not do, voobshchy try to imitate live originals, certain of books I could not distinguish.

Dressing by clay very interesting occupation – therefore if at you is kids – they will be simply in ecstasy from that idea.