Interior design in style a postmodernism.

The word a postmodernism left the French word postmodernisme that is details of culture identical on structure and art art of the 2nd half of the 20th eyelid.

Interior design in style a postmodernism.

Style of interior design – a postmodernism comprises elements of styles – a modernist style and vanguard.

Interior design in style a postmodernism.

In the 2nd half of the 20th eyelid the modernist style almost in everything became boring because of monophonic grayish uniformity of an urban environment where in criteria of a limited place of a thing, were created only from a low cost and functionality principle.

Interior design in style a postmodernism.

At all this the beginning to creativity was already put also the designers, that time started to scoop ideas from bright style vanguard and the similar directions, but without losing the optimum beginning of modernist style.

Interior design in style a postmodernism.

In almost all ordinary details it is possible to behold noteworthy forms and a peculiar furnish, the postmodernism can be called attempt from ordinary things to make an object of art or to betray an art element.

The corresponding line is a combination old and new in different forms, art manifestation in usual things.

In dressing of a postmodernism there is a cultural component therefore the interior can show any actions or contain ethnic details.

This style was influenced by Derrida, Liotar, Foucault, Bodriya, having refused the developed stereotypes they made a complete type of a postmodernism as art style, having plunged into the world of imaginations, but without having lost communication with reality.

It is quite often possible to behold various ornaments, symbolism details, contrast between a structure and the invoice.

Lighting do picturesque with a large quantity of snow-white color.

The color palette is rather diverse, colors of snow-white, coffee, black and yellow color prevail, there are silvery and nacreous effects, color should not cause boredom but as should not be defiant.

On a floor put a carpet with average pile adhering to monotone.

Walls are decorated by impressive plaster, but the main place of a wall niches occupy, regiments and other inserts.

Style materials use a postmodernism: tree, glass, plastic and metal.

The person who will equip the housing in this style possesses the non-standard, creative person, simply adapts for new incidents and prefers comfortable rest.