Interior – a decor – the panel

Actually though what style it is possible to decorate an interior profitably to the decorative panels executed from a stone or other materials. Decorative panels, usually, have on walls. And if a sketch to lay out perfectly and quite well, the panel will manage to become, nearly the basic decorative element of a room, in a root having changed its external shape.

Natural stones, certain artificial materials can be applied to production of a decorative panel and even decorative plaster which gives the chance to create the whole pictures giving to rooms originality and feature.Interior - a decor - the panel

The material of a decorative panel can look absolutely inseparable from a wall. For example, all surface of a wall can be processed by decorative plaster, and only in certain places figures can be built or be dismissed wonderful patterns. The effect in this case will be simply cool.

Before decorating walls, it is necessary to consider certain moments. It should be noted separately that the panel will look expressively, at first, where there are no other decorative elements. In other words the wall should not be completely overloaded with foreign details that will give the chance to allocate feature of the panel. Also the panel can be placed and in a wall niche. In this case in particular application of its illumination strengthening dimensions of drawing will be successful. Also it is possible to decorate also wall columns, also any other ledges in walls.

That after all concerns a choice of style of a panel, the set of plots in this case is limited only to only your imagination. You can recreate on walls the Egyptian or Indian motives, ornaments of east style, the ethnic pictures, traditional patterns, also modern graphics in style of a miniatyurizm.

Interior - a decor - the panel
As a whole, decorative panels can be trafaretny, relief (with application of impressive materials) and modelled. From time to time the composition of these options which will not simply change a general view of a room is probable also and will force each guest simply to stiffen in mute admiration.

Panels from a stone can be so various that even it is heavy to present it for itself. Voobshchem, it is dependent on different characteristics, they can be divided into some types. It concerns not only only a material, is concrete from which them make and, at first, a type of a ready design. Panels can be both very bolshenny, and small, geometrically correct and unusual in a form, big and flat, also completely various on a color palette.

All elements of the most usual panels become from the 1st material and have in the main thing the correct form. It is possible to carry rather strict panels to such panels from dark or snow-white marble, also designs from pebble, a cobble-stone or a monophonic granite.

More unique and expensive designs are color decorative panels. By their development the natural stones which have been also painted in the most various of tone elements of the most magnificent forms are used different flowers.

Stone panels can differ on own reliability and durability. Usually, all of them very adequately resist to whims of the nature and mechanical influences, but certain types cope with it better, and certain is more awful. Reliability of a panel in the main thing is in dependence from a type of materials from which it is created. So, for example, the panel from marble can lose eventually the brightness, and the panel from a granite, on the contrary, will keep own protogenic external shape even on the expiration of very long time. The decorative panels which have been executed from керамогранита, actually do not concede granite on durability and look more presentably.

Also enough extensively всераспространены the panels made with application of decorative plaster. They can be both monophonic, and quite motley. At all this all panels from decorative plaster can be divided into a panel with usual and figured sections. Decorative plasters comprise very wide range of materials, beginning from translucent Venetian and finishing the structural. It is dependent on a drawing and mix method, by means of structural plasters do various coverings, both a little rough, and big.
Interior - a decor - the panel

When dressing walls it is also possible to use and the elements executed from polyurethane. The panel from polyurethane is quite easy for mounting to walls, to paint and tint. For a merit of harmony of polymeric panels with other elements of a decor, they can give a color of silver, gold or bronze, also to paint in color of a stone, an ivory or to make different effects of aging.

To choose a suitable material for the device of decorative panels follows, at first, being guided by a place where the panel, also on feature of its future operation will be established. So, for the rooms which owners very carefully treat own interior, the most fragile and magnificent options approach even. For the same who feels for itself(himself) feature not so carefully to treat a home decoration, it is better to suspend own choice on decorative panels more reliably. They look more fashionably and perfectly, but will be more resistant to wear and will serve them to owners long and long years even at quite "severe" criteria of operation.