In an original way … And only?

What only carpets and rugs do not happen! Huge and small, multi-colored and monophonic, shaggy and with small pile. AndIn an original way … And only?
about design and it is not necessary to say – each founder uses the imagination to the maximum, if only to make something truly the original. We knew to you about carpets sculptures, about the woolen rug connected manually, and even about a carpet representing a greenish glade. But here about what we precisely did not write, so it about carpets from… tree.

And after all on the 1st look this creative device looks completely usually. Well rug. Well it is painted «under a tree» – so with patterns us long since not to amaze. But it is necessary to look narrowly more attentively, and it becomes clear that this «a carpet path» is truly brought together from careful, one to one, досточек. Decorative brushes which издалече seem such myagenky and shaggy are cut out from a tree even.
In an original way … And only?

As to say, the founder of a novelty, the designer of Will Schlough, possesses remarkable sense of humour – by means of its creation it is possible to play a trick on guests not bad very much. Naturally, the model cannot повытрепываться such pluses of real carpets as softness and heat, but is also the advantages: lack of a dust that easy leaving well and an elegant look, naturally will be pleasant to allergic persons.

Generally, if you the fan of unique things, that rug has to suit to you to taste. Only do not forget in addition to spot removers for ordinary carpets to get a polyrole just for decoration.