Getting to world behind the looking-glass.

The huge mirror in the house can do some functions. Usually, at first it is an interior element like furniture, looking in which person can receive reminiscence of the exterior. And as the mirror can be means of visual expansion of a place снутри rooms when it specially establish in those places where the person purely reflex or for any other reasons can pay the attention in most cases.

At one time there was a fashion of placement of mirrors over fireplaces. By the way, similar placement of mirrors till this moment in a course. Certain owners of houses in whom there is a fireplace, establish a mirror over its fire chamber, recognizing that the similar provision of a mirror visually expands a place of a room and, not including that, – does indoors certain aristocratic intonations.

Plus to these Getting to world behind the looking-glass.
two functions, a mirror can as to decorate an interior, to bring in it unusual typical notes. For example, if the mirror is executed in the form of a window in its full size, that, not including that it will visually expand a room place, it still can make optical deception of presence behind a mirror of "real" life: precisely how behind an ordinary window it is, usually, possible to behold surrounding the house or the apartment a place.

Mirror placements in the form of a window will be very pertinent opposite to another – a real window which, being reflected in a surface of a mirror window, will create a little mysterious magic reminiscence. The effect from stay directly opposite to a window can be such that at the first acquaintance to this room completely can be will to take a mirror in the form of a window for the next "real" window.

As reflecting features of a mirror can be used for this purpose to create visibility of 1 more pass. In this case the mirror should occupy all vertical on a wall: from the floor – to the ceiling, without any plinths and other parts corresponding for delimitation of a floor and a wall, and as – a wall and a ceiling. Visually the reminiscence should be created that in this place of a wall simply does not exist that it is pass to other room. For this purpose, that the similar reminiscence was more vsepolnotsenny, the mirror is obliged to have a frame characterizing it is concrete, as pass to other room, instead of as a mirror. For this purpose the frame of a mirror can be stylized under a door box or under a stone decorative frame which often use at registration of passes.
Getting to world behind the looking-glass.

There can be a question for what such – the word – mystification perfectly is suitable? Probably, for this purpose, to introduce colors of singularity in housing, certain from which painfully dullishly look. For example, if in a corridor of the extended hall is one or two mirror "falseness" – apertures, the guest can be pleasantly surprised, – having stepped in any of them and having faced with itself. By the way, for safety such mirrors – and it completely can be, – should be on strong unbreakable base.