Gardening of a balcony

Walking down the street, you can direct the attention that more and more hostesses prefer the planted trees and shrubs balcony if to an unclear store room with a pickles.

The gardening fact, naturally, amuses, but sometimes simply strike with the design decision, taste and style of design. Before works on balcony gardening, reflect what you for itself represent the final result.

After all before us there is a purpose of transformation of several, unappropriated for the dwelling, square meters in the corner of forwarding pleasant time filled with smells of flowers.Gardening of a balcony

For a start we decide on gardening type, after all there is a bolshushchy distinction between balcony and terrace gardening. Загромождать a tiny loggia it is inexpedient.

There are some options:

1) It is possible to form the continuous line of several flower boxes on edge of a handrail.

2) Vtochnosti with flowers can put the same box on a floor.

3) One big box with composition can be made of flowers the center, also two boxes it is possible to arrange in parallel, then they will supplement the friend to the friend.

If полощадь a balcony the purse преминить a way of vertikaltny gardening allows. On the occupied area this way the most profitable. For that composition use curling types of plants. Such plants expand and to those do a flower screen.Gardening of a balcony

it is possible to establish boxes at a free wall or on hinges. It is most ideal to use plants with various temper of growth – pochvopokrovny, upright, ampelous with falling escapes.

The flower composition will turn out successful in this case if you maintain a certain style. It is possible to test contrast or "to match". Diversity of street beds on your balcony is not pertinent.

It is necessary to give appropriate attention and to a container choice. The color palette of a plant, its flowers and a pot should be combined between itself. As also plant size болжна to be compared with the size of a pot. It very essentially for the general composition.

Horizontal and vertical way of gardening stylishly to use only on a loggia or a terrace. If to include imagination and slightly to think it is possible to receive very entertaining compositions.