Florets on a balcony.

Window upclassing from a balcony.

The windows of our apartments leaving on a balcony are, usually, arranged, as well as others, leaving specifically on the street. The slope is closed up by steel eaves. And when the balcony is already glazed, and will be transformed to something similar to a room, – that unclear element as the metal eaves, absolutely even are not necessary. Therefore I invented, as from this "misunderstanding" to make something more, or the least nice.

I dismantled Zhelezyaka, the window jamb was bared. I also attached a board to this jamb from a particleboard. Attached on screws. Hardness of a design left completely sufficient. On the photos executed in the course of repair it is visible, as this attachment is made. Eventually, weights on this window sill and not such huge settle down. Four, 5 pots with flowers, – stand there all summer and amuse a look. Any special difficulties installation of a window sill did not cause. Everything left even very much аккуратненько. At a choice of width of a window sill it is necessary to cope in parameters of the balcony. The width should not be increased very much very much, that not сузивать a place of the balcony. To chagrin, I have at present no photo of final furnish of a window sill. Therefore I give the photos executed in the course of repair.

‘);">Florets on a balcony.
Florets on a balcony.

Шпаклевать a table-top of a window sill it was necessary in three calling therefore as after everyone any shortcomings came to light. I nevertheless not the professional builder and as the expert for itself» is told «. Ground after the shpaklevka dried, I painted a window sill with snow-white paint on twice. After the first painting for some reason or other the window sill had a certain opaque color, thus is not absolute, and any spots. And after a secondary coloring became rovnenky and glossy.

Yes, forgot absolutely, a gap formed after installation of a window sill, I covered with Master M mastic, and then also painted paint.

Now the inutile place of a balcony is no time, is even very comfortable place for summer placement of pots with flowers. The acquired result, I remained is very happy, and consequently executed similar re-equipment and on the second balcony. In criteria of the city apartment, this in addition executed window sill essentially improves abilities on summer placement of flowers on a balcony. And florets on a balcony – do in the summer there, well and in all apartment special local climate of purity and freshness.