New Years rolled curtains of

New year comes nearer! And, it is ready to argue, many people already think of that, as well as than specifically they will decorate the apartment. Obviously, to nobody hunting to use New Year’s an ornament since last year. The it is more, if in the house guests, already their seeing are invited. Okhoto something unusual, unusual, fascinating.

This note is written for those who longs in an original way to decorate own house and will not regret on it there is nobody quantities of means. So, in what essence of idea offered by me.

For its realization it is required to get rolled curtains. I recommend one curtain for each window. And who as will solve is already there will be personally his outlook. The main requirement to a rolled curtain – it should be the 1st color and not appearing through. It will be better, if you take made of a dense fabric. Ability not to pass light – неотклонима. It it is impossible to slight. As light of streetlights, also fireworks can spoil everything.

New Years rolled curtains of

And it not cuts

Also so unusual it will be necessary for scenery for realization a special wire which at connection to an electronic chain shines any color. Vobshchem, will not make it dely to get in any respective shop.

The thought if to say in general, such. The wire is attached to a curtain. It is most ideal to land it on reliable glue. As if you will use threads, they in the course of a luminescence of a wire will be perfectly visible and will manage to spoil the esthetic party of a question for the sake of which it everything and is started. The wire fastens on inside of rolled curtains. And when they are developed, there is an inclusion in a network and the wires which have been laid out on a curtain, start to shine bright light.

For this purpose, that it was fine, I recommend to lay out wires in any picture. Remember, the wire, the is thinner more attractively and more effectively you can lay out a picture with its help. To make a food for all this system it is simpler usual. All wires should approach to one switch which disappears in a box of a rolled curtain. From the switch there is a wire which connect to the socket, аккуратненько having got it under a cover. When the rolled curtain falls to a certain level, automatic equipment and a picture works starts to shine.

It is possible to go still further and to embody a picture at more highest level. For example, to lay out on one curtain 2, 3, 4 or how many it will be pleasant to you pictures. One, for 20 % of a surface, 3 – for 50 % etc. The rolled curtain falls by 20 %, automatic equipment works and one picture shines. Falls by 50 %, the 2nd lever is switched – the 2nd shines and so on.

In my opinion, completely perfectly.