Falls in walls

I as perceived that time a role in construction of the 1st house. The house was under construction in the country. And as the customer very big businessman in our small town acted. When I saw the budget allocated for bathroom equipment, at me eyes on a forehead got from surprise. Also the owner of the future house declared that welcomes all ideas of a decor, not only only from designers and from masters. Obviously who will miss possibility to earn means? The it is more, when there is a speech not about 100 dollars.

One of my thoughts crowned furor and was realized in the course of construction in one of rooms for a relaxation. The essence of idea consisted in making in a wall falls. And at present I will tell you how I realized it.

Falls in walls

Longish pools in walls long since not uniqueness, I do not see obstacles for that design

For creation of small falls I had to convert three walls of the house some. In the beginning this room also thought, how a room for rest. Therefore, it was placed on the 3rd floor of the house, connected to a loggia which adjoined the house on all length of a wall of a room. And the loggia was made absolutely of glass that opened a beautiful view of the nature. Therefore, actually, walls in the house was only three.

For this purpose, that it was possible to create falls, it was necessary to dismantle a large number of bricks in room walls. The owner perfectly took care of a noise isolation therefore house walls, both external, and internal were quite thick. the 1st bricks were dismantled from the top corner the right of a wall. Further, dismantle occurred everything lower and below. Finally we received the continuous, step channel in walls which highest point was in the right wall, and bottom – in left. Such in a way if on this channel would start up water, it would fall from educated steps with noise which was characteristic for falls.

Furnish of this channel was executed traditionally. After the plaster coat imposing, all channel was laid by glass, laboriously просиликонен and in additives was pasted over besides a colored film which appropriated to the made element of a room an esthetics.

Water pipes were brought to the highest point of the channel. And there the type mixer Niagara was established. However, it is essential more strongly than what can be met on show-windows. The point plum, naturally, was established in the left wall, at the very bottom.

Such makary when water got the idea, in the channel the small falls were created. Which amused both an eye, and hearing.