Equipment of creation of a fresco – as before in a subject!

What is "fresco"? It is a sketch on a wall which is created by special paints. The sketch is created by a special method, on crude plaster. We heard about this art form on exercises at school. They are very durable. We can admire frescos, after all monuments of architecture of many states store this magic on own walls. Frescos of an unforgettable era of the Renaissance up to now could reach. In the 20th century the enthusiasm to fresochny equipment revived. Equipment rather difficult. After all plaster will dry, to put it mildly, – not eternally, and is more exact, nearly a little 10-ov minutes. The fresco usually was registered on rather cheap method of self-expression – short of the wall spoiled in case of trouble. Whether we will apply this type of a list at present?

Question not that the rhetorical. After all these works of art belong to a brush of stately painters – Rublyov, Raphael, Michelangelo … Whether we can count, what with our moderate possibilities we will make something reminding a fresco? Even if to possess very shy a pencil – it is possible to try to make something simple. For example, – florets, as on a photo below: Equipment of creation of a fresco - as before in a subject!
Modern creation suggests to get various options of similar creativity. Are known самоклеющиеся options of frescos. It is very comfortable – it is possible simply приляпать on a wall already ready copy of a known work of art! Simply and severely. But we after all – people creative, and we wish to create something made the hands on own wall. There is a simplified option, for the educational purposes. In shops it is possible to find sets for fresco creation – they are on sale in boxes of a various format. Naturally, is not a real fresco. Will be suitable more for occupations with children, and the picture of fresochny type in a frame will be result. A set absolutely plain, approximately as on a photo.Equipment of creation of a fresco - as before in a subject!
So, потерзав walls simple florets, it is possible to make more difficult plot by means of innumerable labels. The sketch is better for working carefully, perfectly representing for itself that you will do on a certain step. Such detailed visualization and planning helps to make rather high-quality sketch. Very comfortably to transfer sketch contours at sight papers. If the sketch small – approaches a Whatman paper or an ancient Russian method – the stuck together newspaper. On it it is necessary to create a contour of the future masterpiece. It is not necessary to give in to a temptation to use a cliche – after all the fresco possesses more transparent borders though many styles, for example – Egyptian, asks accurate contours. The made cuts or notches can be tinted by means of a tampon and any painting substance – for example, a coal crumb. To put plaster it is necessary on pieces of drawings, it is coated, after that it is necessary to go by and to worry waiting for drying, at level of thoughts abusing the one who invented such careful work. Paint will approach, if it does not enter reaction with a wall covering. As the equipment is involved on drawing on lime – that the main advantage of paint is harmony specifically with this type of a covering. There are special types of the coverings simulating a fresochny list – they too approach. Paint manufacturing – one of the most mysterious processes. For this purpose it is necessary to create solution of water and a color pigment – оковём zatirka. In traditional option, the marble board – on it is for this purpose necessary and there will be dismantlings to a pigment. Paint can be sorted on the cups made of porcelain. Paint can be created specially for every day. Specifically for this purpose earlier also it was necessary to carry out work planning. Paint is put with myagenky brushes. From time to time, at the image of air objects – for example, – clouds, – it is possible to use a wadded scrap. If it was decided to work with a cliche – means, it is possible to use blotting devices also. The site which is subject now to an ukrashatelstvo by a fresco, – prepare, for earlier, within several hours, having humidified few times with water. Further solution is imposed. The thickness of a layer should be 10-12 see. The next day it is necessary a list. Surpluses of the imposed site are subject to removal. The layer can be covered the wet fabric sacking. At honest work, it is possible to feel itself as the real painter, – it is natural, results as on a photo below, difficultly to reach, but to find for itself a hobby for a long time – completely can be! Equipment of creation of a fresco - as before in a subject!