Ephemerality in design

Ephemerality in design
Visiting beauty salon, hunting for time to be fenced off from never-ending vanity and noise of the huge small town, to relax and intend time only for itself to a beloved, having given of the body in charge masters. If you have similar desires, we precisely know, where will embody them simplest.

Welcome to the "illusive" salon of the beauty which not so long ago has opened in the Japanese small town of Omiya! Architects from the Takara Space Design company completely justified the "space" title, having managed to make in salon mysterious and at the same time very pacifying atmosphere. Well, we more than once met creativity of Japanese architects and we know that they quite often Ephemerality in design
go on the most courageous experiences. But in this case that this ephemeral design cost real kopeks is most surprising. Here it, eminent simplicity (and low cost) all excellent thoughts!

Place division by means of partitions, zadekorirovanny a translucent fabric with the image of facades of ancient constructions became the main interior decision here. The same fabric decorates also perimeter. Its smoky-gray color and images of long since left Ephemerality in design
eras do absolutely special feeling. By the way, "windows" of houses are completely functional: they truly allow to glance in other zone, obviously, only where it is admissible. So, behind a facade of ordinary city construction there was the whole foggy city where rest and the calm promoting a relaxation and updating, both physical, and sensual reigns.

The salon settled down in a three-storyed building of the former trading gallery, having grasped also premises of the shoe shop which has stopped work. Now there are offices of salon and offices.