Dress for the lighting device:

is sewed «on a figure»

For certain, the most part of eminent designers in the childhood made dresses to the dolls and suits to younger sisters and the brotherDress for the lighting device:
ьям, also decorated the clothes. And the recognizable English designer invented dresses … for bulbs – truly, it is original!

Models of hinged lighting devices differ the unusual lamp shades, after all for a poshivka of "suits" the designer chose a material жаккард: narrow, pleasant to the touch, perfectly passing light, and which else lays down precisely in an object form. Dress for the lighting device:
Such lamp shades do not need neither cutting, nor in a poshivka because the special machine is capable to weave a jacquard cloth of 2 layers to a descent several ranks of hollow "pockets". Then preparation is cut out, and in a spring form the iron framework Dress for the lighting device:
where the bulb with a wire is located is established.

That method of production allows to do lighting devices not only only on one bulb and on two, and on three – it is necessary to cut out necessary quantity of parts only.

The model is delivered to the customer in the disassembled condition so it is offered to assemble the lighting device without the aid of others.

Dress for the lighting device: