Summer on a balcony

Summer on a balcony
Summer holiday means many walks, sorties on the nature, shashlychka in the friendly company. Most ideal, naturally to take vacation and to wave on a week – another somewhere for the city and though in known for Komarovo. Here and to you both air will be, and shish kebabs though every day, and the nature near by. But, to the chagrin, not each person can allow for itself it. You too are obliged to spend summer in the small town? Do not despair! Let you have no giving, but there is a balcony, and it already is a lot of. In particular if you have pair of fascinating summer bagatelles from recognizable designers.

For example, a balcony mini-grill from Black+Blum studio. By sight this piece looks in the same way as a pot for houseplants, even the flower certain grows. Here only a pot is only the highest part Summer on a balcony
of "barbecue set", and bottom is created for creation of culinary masterpieces in the form of fried meat. Fuel, in principle, for a wonderful grill will fit though what, including the charcoal which is on sale in any hypermarket. The lattice comes into a set for frying with the demountable handle. By the way, to complete the picture заместо an ornamental plant it is possible to land in a pot an ukropchik with a petrushechka. Neighbors обзавидуются.

If for a shish kebab on a balcony you did not ripen yet, but to have a bite on the freshest air wishes, direct attention to Summer on a balcony
little tables trays. The size they small, but pair of plates and mugs will simply go in. And their main advantage consists in that, these little tables are suspended on a balcony handrail – there is no need to use even harmonious furniture. Simply and simply you can enjoy morning coffee on the sun or arrange a dinner overlooking a decline. Except the rest, little tables are equipped small Summer on a balcony
with capacity – you can land there florets, and can use for table devices or a wine bottle.

And here one more small, but very attractive bagatelle just for gardeners. The main discrepancy for fans of plants usually is tragic shortage of surfaces on which it is possible to arrange pots. The designer of Michael Hilgers found the usual decision: its flowerpots are broken in two on it comfortably fasten on a handrail.