Without scratches!

Any of us, having ended repair, hopes that all this beauty will amuse an eye still is very long. At least, few years, well or yet will not bother. Thus it concerns not only only furnish of walls and floors or the latest furniture and other accessories. Agree, sadly when the svezhekuplenny mirror which has been so successfully entered in the refreshed interior, suddenly appears scratched on imprudence, and even absolutely broken into splinters.

There is not enough of that, as the thing is a pity, and a sign bad so besides to be cut about splinters it is possible. Though with new harmless mirrors from the AGC Glass Europe company (Our homeland) similar situation to appear it is simple cannot.
Without scratches!

Mirrors from the Mirox series from the face are covered with a layer of a special transparent varnish over which the narrow film from polypropylene is attached. These shifts do not influence at all quality of reflection, but at all this firmly protect glass from scratches. Such mirror can even be cleaned abrasive means though it is better, naturally not to abuse.

Except resistance to deformations, the Mirox models own one more basic quality. Even if the mirror will break, splinters will not scatter on all room, and remain on a film – the same principle is applied by production of anti-vandal glasses.