Design in the Egyptian style.

One of the oldest styles is Egyptian, in it solemnly intertwines images of different gods together with fantastic legends and geometry, thus that – as ethnic style in an interior it became will extend across Europe only at the beginning of the 19th century during mass excavation in Egypt.

Design in the Egyptian style.

In an interior the geometrical component is obliged to have a unique and smooth appearance, in everything the property and sublime essence of things – as a certain continuation of divine taste is emphasized.

Design in the Egyptian style.

These principles should be observed at design registration in the Egyptian style, construction details should be strong and bulky, imitations should not be.

Design in the Egyptian style.

The Egyptian style because of the bright sun and sand incorporated all scale of the yellow paints, all its colors and probable additions, at all this the leading place naturally occupies mosaic gold – as a luxury and wealth element.

The integral detail is an introduction of a stone in an interior, both different a sculpture and simply figures, and dressing of bearing designs – for example columns or arches.

Design in the Egyptian style.

Sculptures use more gods or creations from mythology of the other world, for example a sphinx, cats, dogs, a falcon and many other as use their prototypes – in other words a human body, and the head animal, or quite often use sculptures of the armed guards.

Dressing should allocate with the look validity of pyramids, quite often use their image for drawing up of pictures or frescos on a stone.

The art part should contain longish strips in registration as an element of the Nile River and patterns containing in itself the Lotus flower, as a life sign.

As materials in the Egyptian style the stone, paper and a fabric (serves in a standard silk).

The highest plants with wide leaves – too the corresponding line of this style also should not it be slighted.

And thanks to modern technologies and competent light it is possible to reach just fine result in exposure of accent in an interior.

To themselves that interior will be chosen by people who adore history, appreciate traditions, hardworking and not receding from the thought.