Design in style mannerism.

Mannerism is an ending round of dressing of an era of revival collected in itself elements of a large quantity of innovations of that time and summing up reached in awareness of beauty, appeared at the end of the 16th century and was popular only 25 years, but presently search unique thoughts – we quite often address to the past for council and mannerism receives the second life.

Design in style mannerism.

In style a basic element naruzhny furnish and beauty of details is considered mannerism. In any its manifestation it is possible to behold an interior with a set of a carved tree, a stone, a mosaic, processing by expensive morilka and the most rare varnishes, and as mosaic gold.

In all details there is an art vision of beauty and grace, so an interior decorate pictures, frescos, patterns and expensive embroidery.

Windows quite often cover powerful curtains and sun blind.

Design in style mannerism.

Lighting do a little pritenyonny, at all this with a large quantity of lighting devices with warm color of light.

The color palette very wide, but the loved color is a color of the tree, all colors coffee, beige, reddish and gold.

The fabric very quite often is luxury goods and decorates walls and the floors, it is considered the best – silk with ashes an embroidery, as лён and a velvet.

Not occasionally it is possible to behold furnish of decorative details by easy or rough skin in mannerism and as to meet figured elements.

Design in style mannerism.

Many details are created from the forged iron and painted in gold color, to them quite often decorate powerful fireplaces and tables.

Furniture use myagenky and flexible forms and lines with elements of a carving and a mosaic on a tree.

On a floor the parquet covered with several varnish coats – to glossy shine and a carpet with longish pile or Persian with small is laid.

It is quite often possible to behold many clay details, such as the Chinese ballot boxes from clay, the French vases or small figurines.

In style mannerism Renaissance and baroque elements, style of rococo and Gothic style, and as style of Venice in the dawn skillfully mix up.

The person who will choose to itself this style can be described with confidence as loving luxury and fine things, quite often impudent and extremely self-assured from that the imperative personality receiving from expensive things – comfort.