Deliver satisfaction and for itself, and to guests.

There are many abilities profitable for an interior and thirst Deliver satisfaction and for itself, and to guests.
of a zaniye of your guests to arrange souvenirs at you at home. Them, souvenirs, the number is inclined raise year from a year by leaps and bounds. Own trips, trips of friends, a portrait of the loved uncle. Presented to you for New year, an embroidery of the granddaughter – a cup of the favourite of competition of the residential district on dominoes – everything should bring satisfaction and find the place in an interior.

Where them to arrange?

The most usual and vserasprostranenny method to locate your souvenirs – all of us the esteemed and loved case. Or chest. For souvenirs it is possible to allocate the whole case, it is possible the separate shelf. And Deliver satisfaction and for itself, and to guests.
it is possible to put alternately with books. It is most ideal, that cases had glass doors. Are suitable for placement of a collection and the regiments placed in any comfortable and empty seat. Souvenirs and on kitchen shelves perfectly look.

Cтены is almost universal place for placement of souvenirs. The portraits, the embroidered pictures, applications, a photo, wall newspapers, collages, compositions from artificial flowers, decorative plates, and, naturally, regiments for placement of souvenirs is everything it is possible to hang out and fix on walls. I would recommend to direct attention to shelves from strong glass is stylishly, is modern and it is convenient – the place of rooms even, it seems, increases and if to add mirror elements – effects can be simply cool. Made you on a shelf the composition can be changed so quite often as it will want to you. And if are afraid of a dust – it is possible to make shelves closed – glass doors still prevented to consider to nobody souvenirs.
Deliver satisfaction and for itself, and to guests.

Floor, tables, bedside tables, window sills, chimney regiments and floors – practically all open horizontal surfaces – too a worthy place for placement of your souvenirs.

On chairs and sofas small pillows of the various forms, the napkin connected by the grandmother are quite good (and it as attention to her work to attract!) and myagenky toys. various pendants, badges, small drawings, autographs and other easy small souvenirs can be placed on walls and curtains and other carriers. For example on a canvas or cardboard sheets.

Curtain at a window, the lamp shade from a fabric too can be a basis for fastening of small souvenirs. In my kitchen a chandelier a place of a seat of a flock of butterflies and dragonflies (is more exact than their copies from the various states of the world).

Special fastenings to a ceiling will promote and here to suspend a souvenir. Adhere to only the 1st condition – fastenings should be reliable.

The door too can be the location of souvenirs. Remember at least a horseshoe – a sign of wellbeing and security of the house.

Generally it is difficultly to end the list.Deliver satisfaction and for itself, and to guests.
Let your imagination will continue it.

Fate and heat, world to your house!