Hemp in the modern apartment

It appears for this purpose to feel itself as modern Mashenka who «went to the wood, villages on пенек and ate a pie», absolutely not by all means somewhere to go. The freshest air we will receive, it is necessary to include кондюк, a shadow the pushed curtains will be wood, singing of birds will create a TV set, and here hemp it is possible to receive both in a look hemp padded stool, and in the form of a lamp hemp. The thought came to the founder of these unique subjects at the moment of walk across Los Angeles: the designer saw behind a fence unused wood breed in the form of the sawn logs. Their unusual forms and unusual arrangements inspired him on creations of that fascinating collection. On the future it is planned to push manufacturers on leaving from use of a natural tree for production of furniture – so to give to synthetic materials a look something natural. The collection is called urbanized – after all inhabitants of villages hardly such will buy, and here for the city inhabitant it is an occasion will make an interior in natural style – wall-paper of myagenky natural flowers, myagenkiya пенек, a relaxation and comfort … Hemp in the modern apartment
The designer presented own project in January of this year, but in sale they arrived not so long ago. Stubs have everyone the form, and in case of a table and bedside tables are issued by orange supporting pipes and glasses of dark smoky color. Hemp in the modern apartment