Decorative elements from glass

Quite quite often I should work in houses. I even would say that in houses the near future I do works more often, if in apartments. You can be been taken aback, but I do not see in it anything unusual. Desire to have own house the completely usual. The it is more that in my small town, for example, the house costs cheaper apartments. Also there is a speech not that were constructed in Russian years. I speak about those houses which were constructed practically yesterday.

The house is actually unlimited abilities of a decor. At times I could create so unusual decor that you wonder what people guess. Build tolstenny walls, leave in their huge gleams, and there do that-nibudt such, fine.

And from time to time get already ready house and take down a part of a wall. Well, it that generally that and is clear. On reorganization in the house documents you are easier for receiving that, than in the apartment.

Decorative elements from glass

And it is quite frequent to me owners of houses in whom I do glass works, ask questions of a decor specifically from glass. However, having learned an order of figures in the prices for such decors, to a descent somehow lose interest. Though certain also agree.

So here. In this note I wish to tell what decors me were established is comparable not so long ago. Well, as not so long ago. Can for last year. When it is occupied with the loved business, time promptly flies. It would seem, only started windows to put, and already and grows dark. But it I distracted from a subject.

So, more expensive decor is the ladder of the 3-storeyed house made of glass. Naturally, the true work of art also costs enough huge amounts of money. Vobshchem, people. Which established at home such beauty, too concerning N the poor.

The 2nd option of a decor are the door boxes made of glass. Here the beauty consists that снутри boxes it is possible to fill an empty seat, for example, with the dried flowers. Very perfectly.

Quite perfectly the glass bathroom can look in an interior. Someone will count it as the imagination? In vain. If I am not mistaken, they are carried out even serially. You only present, as it will be fine to watch transfusion of color and waves.