Decorative ceiling usual method to decorate interior

Decorative ceiling usual method to decorate interior

In the current time to make a relief ceiling in any room it is not heavy. For this purpose it is possible to use a ceiling tile from expanded polystyrene. That option of furnish of a ceiling is considered economical and easy. Glutinous ceilings not occasionally can be beheld in shops, inhabited and office rooms, the rest centers etc. The ceiling without seams becomes a beautiful ornament of an interior of a drawing room, a hall, a bedroom and kitchen.

For installation of a decorative ceiling plate it is possible not to invite the specialist, and to paste it without the aid of others, after all to make it it is possible without troubles. Installation of the ceiling panel does not need the additional tool. They are high-strength, easy, moisture resistant and durable.

The decorative ceiling plate is on sale in packings on 8 pieces, and its size is made 50х50 see Penopolistrolovaya by a tile fastens on a ceiling by means of glue if to make everything according to the summary, then connections of certain sites are not appreciable.

To glue a ceiling tile follows on primary basis of a ceiling. But before it is necessary to prepare a ceiling under a tile: to remove everything that on it is available, and cambers to putty and later погрунтовать.

For tile gluing on a ceiling it is possible to use the PVA ordinary glue, it is available in any household shop and just is suitable for that type of works. There are special glues for installation of glutinous ceilings or as the candidate it is possible to use universal glue.

Introduction of special glue for gluing of a ceiling tile allows to disconnect further them from a ceiling without damages. When using that glue it is not necessary to prepare a surface a special method, and only follows displace an available dust. Special glue has an ability to filter through materials which are put on a ceiling therefore surfaces will be fastened firmly.

How to paste a ceiling tile the hands

Ceiling where the tile will be glued, it is necessary to divide to reveal the center. It becomes a stretch of 2 ropes on diagonals up and down.

We divide a ceiling into 4 parts further. For this purpose we plan 2 strips from one wall to another.

Take a tile and on the back party put glue with a narrow layer, it is better that it was continuous.

The 1st tile is glued in the ceiling center on the designated place.

All other tiles are glued parallel to lines which you drew.

Between a ceiling and a wall it is recommended to stick a crack with eaves. If glue got on the face, then it is necessary for cleaning at once a wettish material.

Decorative ceiling usual method to decorate interior
Decorative ceiling usual method to decorate interior