Curtains and carpets of

Curtains and carpets of
Curtains and carpets are one of certain parts of an interior of the apartment. Therefore, even in an empty room where curtains are hung up and the floor is laid, a certain comfort and the warmth, which so necessary for each apartment is created.

Curtains happen 2 types: portieres and curtains.

Curtains in turn disseminate and soften a daylight, reduce sharp contrast which very quite often tires sight, between a dark part of a wall and the shined gleam of a window, and that improving interior influence. In this case the fabric for curtains should be from a narrow, transparent and myagenky fabric. It for this purpose that light to disseminate and not to soak up it. It is possible to use also a mesh fabric which consists of small cells, any of which similar size. If to use fabrics with various drawings, they are not suitable for curtains because pass non-uniformly a daylight. Usually curtains are produced from pale tones of a fabric or from a snow-white fabric, on another their coloring will not favorably be reflected in passed light on a light background of all room.

Portieres, at first, are very necessary in the evening when windows cease to be a light source and them close for the night to make in the apartment the comfort and intimacy atmosphere. Portieres also do sound and thermal function of isolation. Portieres are necessary as and in a hot time, after all specifically they interfere with superfluous illumination of a room. Arranging an interior of own apartment, it is necessary will take care of composition as a whole. At a carpet with a motley coloring, portieres should be smooth tone which is in harmony with color of a carpet.

Color of portieres should be more saturated in difference from curtains, but not in which case not so dark and bright, on another they will soak up the whole world, заместо that it to reflect.

Length of a certain curtain determine by a place of its fastening and to Curtains and carpets of
a window sill or a floor, plus about 3-5 cm on top подрубку, 8-20 cm – on bottom подрубку and about 10 % on laid up, after all after washing the fabric can sit down. These 10 % are necessary for sweeping together first, and later after the 1st washing to stitch. If you are used those fabrics which do not sit down, laid up it is not necessary to foresee.

If the curtain consists of very narrow material, it should be more extensive in the 3rd times than a window, and if from the dense – that in 2 times, and from the most dense – in 1,5 times.

Carpets are charming sound and thermal floor isolation. They appropriate it elasticity and softness. At their choice always it is necessary to consider that place in which you will dim them, after all for the apartment where povsevremenno walk, fine and strong fabrics are necessary. In apartments of more measured carpets from the highest pile approach.

Curtains and carpets of
The carpet ornament on a fabric or a floor should be calculated with though what party. On a floor which lies in small to a room, it is not necessary to put a carpet with a bright or big coloring. They not only only visually reduce a room and bring diversity in ensemble, in particular in this case if the carpet lies in the middle of a room.

For today in the modern apartment carpets which consist of impressive small and easy continuous geometrical ornaments are quite good for its interior.