Costume jewellery for kitchen.

The kitchen is, at all, for certain, the people, a female place: the center which is stored by the hostess of the house…
And time so, and tendencies in an ornament of own center – very personal…
I wish to tell you how the kitchen I specifically decorated: universally, conveniently, even it is very nice!
Let’s begin, perhaps… Ordering kitchen, we usually already think over certain scenery – accessories: handles, framework, legs of tables and chairs…
In my case everything concretely and was! All facades – in a dural frame (it not only is only fine and very convenient – in particular if to consider that fact that specifically face part of furniture – the most subject to effect of water and "traumas" from blows, chips). and in a set to them – the same "dural" legs of a table… Costume jewellery for kitchen.
Costume jewellery for kitchen.

However, on it measured silver dullness – – brilliant steel comes to the end further! It is possible to tell – specifically – "costume jewellery" for kitchen!Costume jewellery for kitchen.

The kitchen railing – itself only not so long ago found out that the smooth pipe from stainless steel on which various shelves and hooks – it at us on a corner are hung up so is called. It "support" a color palette and unity of a material – the same pendant shelves, hooks, an extract, legs of chairs and sofas…
Now in more detail about each "ornament".
1. pendant hooks: because in the beginning we did not know, how many they are necessary for us – suspended own choice on demountable pair hooks – desired – removed excessive, desired – hung…Costume jewellery for kitchen.

Costume jewellery for kitchen.

2. a shelf – the dryer for mugs. Comfortably, nicely… But, there is one trudozatratny feature – its cleaning from limy аква a raid… though if not to start – that it everything is not so difficult and prompt. Costume jewellery for kitchen.

3. a shelf – the dryer – for spoons, forks, knifes. In our case – this shelf too – pendant… But is only thanks to resourcefulness of my spouse. It appears that an unusual shelf though it and pendant, on the railing to suspend it is unreal. And here if to connect for these purposes a support under hot and specifically shelf – that everything it is perfectly hung up and regulated. Costume jewellery for kitchen.

Costume jewellery for kitchen.

4. the shelf for detergents of daily use. Hangs on a corner, on a minimum it appears on a look to the contents, but – it is very comfortable! Costume jewellery for kitchen.

There is a truth, one more regiment, turned out in particular the female – therefore as, it with a mirror back wall… Costume jewellery for kitchen.
Expands a place, decorates, it is perfectly entered in our kitchen…

How you decorate own home?