Conservatism in interior design.

Conservatism is style of traditions and inveterate views of beauty and a life, transition to current trends occurs very badly, from it a large quantity of details bear a traditional color.

Conservatism in interior design.

Style conservatism reserved phlegmatic persons, almost in everything adhering to a vsepostoyanstvo and the validity will choose to themselves, occasionally changing habits and lifestyle, preferring reliability and rest.

From it lighting is quite often a little blacked out, has one main lighting device and one auxiliary which shines only a working zone.

The furniture of this style always drevny, traditional styles and quite often runs across on heritage but if the interior is created from a zero, the furniture gets out strong, of valuable breeds of a tree, with high-quality, fine furnish, with the carving elements, a quite good fabric or more often tanned skin.

Leather furnish of furniture in style conservatism meets very quite often and already it is impossible to present this style without it.

The antiquarian origin of furniture does it very expensive and valuable that in turn increases attachment to it even more.

In furnish of walls do not use wall-paper because they will not serve it is long. Use impressive plaster or a fabric (in a standard silk or лён).

Materials use natural by origin, the most reliable and long-term – a stone, a tree of firm breeds, a good-quality fabric and thick tanned skin.

Not occasionally the floor covers a parquet with a large quantity put on it varnish coats and polished to a brilliant and glossy surface, and over it a carpet with the big pile, weaved in the East countries.

Conservatism in interior design.

In external feeling the severity and an order reigns, all things are and own places, and the interior looks complete and obmyslenny to trifles.

Conservatism in interior design.

Quite often for dressing use subjects of art art in the form of pictures or figurines, but it is possible to behold and glinyany products from expensive porcelain or the most rare glass.

Conservatism in interior design.

Distinctive feature of style conservatism is a true origin of things, imitations or fakes are not used.