Shod products – a part 2

Such scenery of an interior as shod products, are pleasant to much. I already concerned this subject in one of records. But in modern construction – and is more exact, design – iron is used for creation of the most different subjects. Fences, fencings and gate – not the only thing that the smithy can present. It is possible to tell that the metal century endures regeneration. Semi-antique imitation is reached by means of various subjects from iron which can be kept in the house. If not to be zealous with semi-antique subjects – it is possible to make style which will be modern, and shod products will be just fine addition. Let’s remind that if the chimney shelf to fill with subjects from porcelain and to put before a fireplace a carpet, the typical raid something old and good will turn out – provided that on a fireplace there will be a lattice, guess what. If the same fireplace to issue on another – from old times does not remain also a trace.

Shod products can be carried to three types. These are shod products for a street decor, household and interior. The last two look is connected enough tightly. The shod furniture is very popular. It heavy, long-term. At its use it is necessary to hold in the head that the floor covering can suffer. It is possible to test to protect a covering the help of small linings under legs, but it is necessary to make so that the furniture was steady. Combinations of materials – such, as iron and a tree or iron and glass are popular. It is necessary to remind only that there are councils on safety. Combine also iron of various flowers. Naturally, something unusually bright not to reach, but in this case it and it is not required. It is possible to decorate an interior with very unusual iron-wares. All of us contemplated the streetlights executed in this equipment. They take place повдоль stone streets, creating an unusual romantic raid. Fortunately, times of stamps passed. Now it is possible to choose a magnificent subject from the smithy catalog and to arrange it at itself in a yard. Usually to meet a cottage with fine landscaping. But it is possible to meet smart lighting devices in the house. Their luxury is concluded that they are made in this equipment. On a wall everyone will wish to hang up shod products of heavy weight not. Therefore there are absolutely small lighting devices. Provided that true leaving will be provided – shod products it is possible to have and in a bathroom. For what to hang up plastic hooks from a series consumer goods if it is possible to use unusual and long-term shod products? For example, as on a photo below. Shod products - a part 2

About abilities of use of shod products in other rooms it is possible to speak it is long. Let’s remember that there are special supports for flowers from iron. In them usually put some pots. And on a wall fixed "birches" with a steel hoop. Flower fastenings from a series of shod products happen also very moderate, and – very magnificent. Candelabrums recommended to use earlier as an interior subject, but at present it quicker a decor. By means of them it is possible to add the made style and to add comfort. – for example, for mirrors – from iron it is possible to use various frames in the most various rooms. Vases – a good subject for the imagination of the designer. Forging found the application and here. On a photo below – an unusual rose, rather magnificent.

Shod products - a part 2

Having decided to use for room scenery this subject of an interior, it is worth to remember that after all it is better to maintain them in one style. If from the first the order to make it will not turn out – it is necessary to try to find something suitable to already gathered things. It is also necessary to find in sale of substance which will save shod products. After all the rust is inevitable, irrespective of where there will be an ornament.