Coffee as decor of an interior

It is possible to make most «abrupt repair», but without lovely accessories, придающCoffee as decor of an interior
to their housing feature and creating the unusual, house atmosphere, an interior will look unfinished, "lifeless". And after all to decorate own house it is simpler, than it seems on the 1st look.

How to you, for example, thought of fragrant coffee "tree"? For its creation and necessary that practically nothing: coffee grains, cardboard, glue, scissors and a little patience.

The principle of production of that lovely subject is quite simple: on cardboard base of a casual form coffee grains are pasted – smell? Coffee as decor of an interior

Further "krone" is decorated at desire and attached to a trunk-shpazhke. Everything, it was necessary to decorate only a suitable pot and to land in it our tree.

Similar unique bagatelles not only only will manage to take a worthy place in your interior and become a good gift for close people. The Valentine’s Day card form is chosen for an example, you can "raise" such trees what will wish.