Carved imaginations

The tree can be called truly a universal material. On the truth, in an interior of each apartment there will be far not one wood element. Perhaps, it will be furnish of walls or a parquet floor. Can be – furniture or doors from an integral tree. More vserasprostranenny option – wood frames at windows which vsesushchy plastic did not manage to force out yet. In any case, of a tree do even baths! Carved imaginations
But now we will have a talk about lamps. Yes, with the wood lamp shade. Naturally, such models exists much, but to the designer Hanne Frensis was possible to make something absolutely unique and, together with that, magnificent and very natural. Its brand new collection of chandeliers is issued under the Skandivis brand, absolutely answering the name. Simplicity and brevity together with naturalness – the 1st sign of so called Scandinavian style. Lamps with the cylindrical or cone-shaped lamp shades which have kept a structure of a real tree, will decorate though what interior. And openwork patterns in the form of maple leaves or ridiculous florets will give to a type of a bagatelle completeness and will create a fascinating play of light and shadow indoors. On a choice some flowers of lighting devices – from light to a thin tree are offered. Carved imaginations