Ornament painting of walls of the apartment.

Painting with wall painting? I was adjusted skeptically, because, that painting if it povsevremenno to see eventually can and bore. But not here that was, in the middle of Far East snowless winter in the bolshenny grayish and dirty large city, it wanted the Mediterranean summer, with violent flowering of subtropical vegetation, the azure, gentle sea and doll snow-white lodges with a tile roof. As such landscapes are close to me, how many not bad light memoirs connects me and my family with the Mediterranean, and is direct with Adriatic Sea.

So, I was set by a task how to make a corner here that here Adriatic Sea at home. Neither I, nor the spouse отрисовывать we are not able, the little sister my being trained at art school to painting bases, yet достигнула suitable skill, well and its time is limited to the school schedule. The benefit on this case is the Web and a newspaper column of announcements where free painters offer the services if you suddenly wanted a little arts. The range of their offers is enormous in all conceivable and unimaginable technicians, they are ready to paint your housing. The only thing, it seems, not пропархать with a ratio cost – quality. The price of their services is rather high, well and operating time quite long.

Here the most important not to hurry up, find truly the expert, naturally, in the diploma you will not look, and here to familiarize with a portfolio of the artist costs, if you find that painter on councils, it is simply remarkable. Okhoto to receive quality in its complete understanding.

Piece of a wall in a drawing room presented in this picture, with specially prepared niche for a plasma TV set, it just an ending step of work of the employed artist. Ornament painting of walls of the apartment.

However, impresses? I am overflowed too by only positive emotions, looking at this sketch. And here the city landscape on a wall in one of rooms, it is executed in equipment popular now an aerographics.Ornament painting of walls of the apartment.

This picture remembers to me the splendid Hong Kong which causes only MEGA feelings and MEGA memoirs. Apparently in pictures work is rather dirty therefore it is necessary not to regret time and to protect already almost complete repair, cellophane and cardboard sheets. How many on time the similar list of walls borrows, I will directly tell, will be tired to expect, here and there one and a half month. But, as they say, art asks victims, and believe, these victims of that stand. Fate to you in implementation of your imaginations and realization of your desires.