Barrier at a ceiling of

Here I look at ordinary curtains and I think. Something in them nevertheless does not suffice. It seemed there is all – both beauty, and luxury. But, nevertheless, something not that. And here I understand that curtains do not have a practicality! After all how many time happened that opening and closing, you pulled out from a case from a clip. It was necessary to climb under a ceiling and again to cling them. In particular quite often it happens, if the eaves have honourable age. There by all means there will be a cavity, the erased varnish, squabblers or that-nibudt else that will disturb normal movement of a curtain.

I think that is concrete because of it many run across on rolled curtains which are more convenient. And still I think that everyone was at theater and contemplated, as the curtain parts in the parties, opening before the audience a scene. Unless anybody from you then did not reflect, what would be very healthy, that curtains revealed here so here, without the aid of others? I think that this idea came to mind not once.

Barrier at a ceiling of

Good substitution to such eaves

And here to me as to one of number of those who reflected on a bigger practicality of curtains, mind the idea absolutely suddenly came to. And why a little not to alter eaves, having allowed it to open and close without the aid of others curtains?

That to you it was more clear, how I suggest to carry out updating, remember a principle of opening of a telescope. Or telescope. Here something also I recommend to make and with eaves.

It is obvious that finished articles of that plan to find it will not turn out. Therefore from it will be necessary to do under the order. Of what it is better to make that sort eaves? If there is a possibility, it is better, of course, from a tree. But you should realize that interiors of wood eaves should be absent. In other words, it should be hollow снутри. Work such will cost much.

I think, though what welder of your small town will agree to make those eaves of metal to order. For example, same stainless steel.

All eaves should be broken into some parts. To each part will fasten one or several clips which detain curtains.

Now most important, I so think, a question. How to make so that the curtain gathered to an accordion. Here everything is very simple, on my look. From below there should be a cut. And the clip should fasten снутри eaves.