Any plants of the house

If in the middle of those who reads these lines, there are fans to be engaged in cultivation or cultivation of house flowers, they should know, how it is difficult to adapt that or other greenish creation under room climate. It happens, what even plants which fantastically get on in the region, in house criteria perish. On the one hand, it would seem surprisingly. After all living conditions similar.

But, it just seems so on the 1st look. In fact some degrees of distinction or different humidity can play an essential role for those flowers which are sensitive to such changes. Many fans of exotic plants in such cases lower hands before the created discrepancy. After all it is impossible for each plant that lives in a room, to make own local climate. Specifically that representation the population keeps. And – is mistaken.

Any plants of the house

In fact, to make the conditions suitable for each plant, let it even grows on Madagascar, not and it is difficult. You will not believe that but that is necessary for maintenance of local climate is a glass. The most usual glass, even is not present need to choose its type.

The thought which I will at present sound – it is not new. And you can create its practical realization in the most various places. But, for some reason or other far not all consider it as option, preferring a standard in pots.

And after all meanwhile, having covered a flower with glass, you create for it own unique world. But, it is necessary to do everything with reason. In – 1-x, florets it is in that case even better to have on walls, if at windows. Into the account of light can not worry. Lack of the day will be completely compensated by specially established lamps. Specifically they will create that temperature, which need to a plant. In – 2-x, I recommend glass domes not to fix tightly, and to insert into latches which are sheathed by rubber. And to hold it will be strong, and the density will provide.

If it is necessary, nobody will prevent to make suitable humidity. But for this purpose it will be necessary to bring water to each flowerpot. However, there is also other option. To make a glass dome of halves. One – is fixed, and the 2nd – demountable. That it will be more desirable for you – to solve only to you.