All excellent – is simple!

When we thought over repair is was for us happiness – something new in the apartment, this new in life. But when we faced market and store quotations on types of works required to us – were a little dumbfounded. But we decided not to recede from own intention. Repair so repair. We consulted to the spouse and took out a verdict that it is possible to make all the forces, or practically all. It was natural from alignment of walls by specialists to us not to disown. But weight we planned the rest to make. We were adjusted on face lifting of a nursery and a hall. A choice of wall-paper and steel cost for us the main discrepancy. We reflected – поклеить expensive wall-paper with silk or ordinary much, cheaper, suddenly it wanted something unusual and bright. Again there was a mutual decision – plaster ponovy a hall and we glue good-quality oboyny paper (nursery) and we paint all this without the aid of others! For a nursery, having investigated appropriate literature and having consulted to specialists, chose an ordinary list of wall-paper. For this purpose it was useful opaque emulsion paints (the choice of a color palette of paints is in dependence from the electee a vamirisunka), rubber stamps (cut out from slices of an eraser of the huge sizes), acrylic paints, a dekoratorsky sponge (it is possible to get in any shop for construction), a ruler, a pencil, painting brushes (thin and is thicker), opaque acrylic glaze (for result fixing). On wall-paper put a tender color of paint and a sponge, after drying of the first layer, put the main paint coat. On the prepared stamps All excellent - is simple!
put paint appropriate to everyone drawing and splashed in a casual order on a wall. One stamps do a background, others do the main sketch.All excellent - is simple!
And the narrow brush added details. All excellent - is simple!
Our nursery was ready! We run across to a hall. In a hall we used equipment of a list of an ordinary fresco on not to completely rovnenky plastered walls. We choose though what casual sketch (not indispensable to be the artist), we cut out it in full size and we transfer an ordinary pencil on a wall. All excellent - is simple!
Acrylic paints we mix before obtaining suitable colors and we put on the main sites of drawing.All excellent - is simple!
Under a carbon paper we lead round drawing contours, then under a cliche we put paint. After drying zashkurivay a nazhdachka. Whether All excellent - is simple!
lie ingeniously and simply? I wish fate!